24th Evolution Summit – Best Practices in North American Clinical Trials

May 11 - 13, 2021 | Virtual Event (Invitation only)

Dr. Joseph Stauffer, Antibe’s Chief Medical Officer, will be Moderator for the Summit. The program explores key aspects and issues related to drug development, including:


– Riding the Digital Wave: Exploring new avenues for optimization through digitization and mapping the future of digital innovation

– Clinical Trial Recovery: Establishing a clinical trials strategy that focuses on reopening strategies and business continuity for a post-COVID world

– Virtual Is Now! Adapting strategies to transition to decentralized clinical trials and examining how lessons learnt today can help shape virtual trials in the future

– Detailing Advancements in Remote Monitoring in the COVID-19 Era: The evolution of RBM: how has COVID-19 changed the previous RBM model?

– Boosting Clinical Trial Diversity: Securing broader representation from underrepresented populations and dispelling the barriers to inclusion

– Maintaining Quality Data Collection in the Wake of COVID-19: Best practices and strategies for properly managing clinical data throughout the pandemic

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